Nov 8, 2011

business cards

With the blunt encouragement and great suggestions of my room mates and help from family, i made a business card for myself. Mainly because me and several of my classmates are attending TAAFI. Never been before, so i really don't know what to expect. I know industry professionals will be there but from what i hear its no industry day where they are scouting talent for the next big studio production. Regardless im looking forward to going and can't wait to see what the studios have to say and show :) Ive decided to go with my second pass, which is the cowboy with the gun.  Its no epic layout piece like the other. However, the dimensions being 2x3.5 simple seems best. It has all my info, a bit of story  and a QR CODE which leads to my portfolio. THANK YOU BIJAN,ED,JULIE AND RACH FOR YOUR HELP ON SUCH A SMALL BUT HUGE PROJECT! :)

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