Dec 13, 2011

my current leica as well as an animated test. At this time in the year i wish it were picture locked, however i am still making final tweaks within the roof top sequence to make it flow better. the animation is not final timed either. planing on tweaking the timing. With the help of my mentor Stephen Barnes and my mentor group i realized i put way to much emphasis/screen time on my character looking stage left. Enjoyed animating it. For the first time im beginning to really think about what the character is thinking :)

On another total separate idea i would like to thank everyone for complimenting my work online and in person. Specifically when in person i always follow up with a quick "thank you" and "however, it could be better". That last remark i make is obviously me being humble and at the same time being very truthful. There is always room for improvement and i am no where near where i personally feel comfortable with my art.  In no way is it an insult or should betaken with negative connotation. Thus no reason for others to react to it rudely. In addition to that please do your best to be respectful towards others. Especially if you are not familiar with their culture and background. Some things in one culture that may be acceptable can be disrespectful in another.


  1. edric this looks amazing! you got so much done already!! really looking forward to the final product!

  2. oo this looks wonderful! i cant wait to see your completed film!