Sep 14, 2011

film concept art package

As always its been a while since I have last updated this blog. This year i am really going to try my best to update this blog on a consistent basis.
So it has finally come. my final year in the BAA program at Sheridan. I'm really looking forward to another awesome year. In the past week and a half i have been working on the first milestone set for my 4th year film. Which is a Concept Art Package that consists of exploration drawing of my films character, props and environments. The story is still up in the air but im really looking forward to animating my character and designing these layouts. I am taking a lot of reference from the animated film Nocturna and the recently released animated short Who's Afraid of Mr Greedy. Both i find very inspiring on all aspects of animated film making, and highly recommend you to watch.


  1. NICE. i love that you made the tonal drawing your header too!

  2. I love this character! cant wait to see it in action, BRO. : )