Dec 10, 2009


these are drawings i used for a caricature sketchbook assignment.

ian, noam and K
btw happy birthday noam

frank, rach, nooree and migs. this is the drawing that inspired me to draw on coloured paper. thanks for the paper rach!

quick studies of fellow animators in the studio.

studies i did in a mall near by school.

character i made for my walk/run design. definitely not as epic as the animation.

more studies of fellow animators, done in the studio. the mutated gator thing and the bald headed huge red nose guy was done off the top of my head. i got bored because no one was around my desk to draw.

on the go

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  1. edric! thanks for the birthday wishes. these are looking great, i like the coloured ones. i think your designs will improve if you try a wider variety of eye shapes, most of these eyes are closed or squinting. also i'd like to see you push and exaggerate head shapes, and not just the features. oh and you could also exaggerate the spacing of facial features.
    good stuff man